90 % of our implementation and maintenance projects are executed with commitment to results.

Our customers renew their trust in us year after year with new development or innovation projects.

We support all our clients in managing and creating their multimedia communications with a team of designers integrated in all our projects.

Our company focuses on quality and safety: 1) An ISOPRO quality system in accordance with ISO standards. 2) A security approach focused on IT and safety.


What we do

We display and deliver your content everywhere.

Niche Guardian has been working for more than 15 years to provide its customers with powerful solutions to optimize their multimedia and interactive communications.

Our goal is to provide you with a unique experience that helps you better understand the digital transformation taking place in our professional and personal lives.

Digital Signage

To drive the activities of a company, a Digital Signage solution is essential.

Our Digital Signage solution allows you to manage your communication across a network of screens, regardless of their location. Thanks to a customized configuration, from now on you can include the media world in your internal or external communication by having your own Digital Signage network.

Our solution is tailor-made for all our customers, especially for municipalities that want to enter the audio-visual field by operating their own TV channel and thus reach thousands of subscribers on cable and IPTV networks in Luxembourg.


Room Booking

Easily organize your meetings and optimize the use of your meeting rooms.

In the age of information and dematerialization, managing communication bubbles and meeting rooms has become a real challenge for companies. Unavailable rooms, lack of multimedia equipment or "phantom meetings" are some of the recurring problems that lead to lost time and productivity.

To ensure the comfort and efficiency of your employees, the SM4RT Booking solution is understood as a digital solution with high added value that is as easy to integrate as it is to use. SM4RT Booking is an intuitive and powerful system for managing and booking rooms, thus optimizing their use.


Queue Management

Offer your customers a customized and high-quality reception and optimize waiting times.

With our SM4RT ticketing solution, you have an advanced system that allows you to make the reception of your customers more pleasant, to manage the process flow and waiting times and to ensure a better orientation of the visitor / customer.

To meet the users’ need for a personalized service that combines simplicity and time savings, Queue Management and ticketing allows you to prioritize appointments so you can better manage your resources and reduce turnaround time.


SM4RT Touch

The SM4RT Touch solution is an interactive SM4RT CITY application, 100% made in Luxembourg.

This application covers a series of requirements for the management of information in the field of mobility (bus, train, bicycle), the calendar of events, the municipal newsletter "le Reider" and allows for an ultra-modern means of communication for the municipality towards its citizens.

SM4RT Touch provides you with modules to enrich a set of responses and discoveries for citizens to guide or orient them in their daily lives, such as the location of the nearest bakery, the name and opening hours of the emergency pharmacy, etc.


SM4RT Mobility

Accelerating urban mobility and addressing current and future challenges by optimizing infrastructure and transportation planning in a collaborative environment.

SM4RT Mobility is a digital communication system that improves urban logistics operations while ensuring the accessibility of urban services.


ISE 2022


NG with POST Telecom at the "Salon des communes 2022"


‎Queue Management : Espace POST | Esch-Belval Plaza - New installation



They already place their trust in us

We view our customers not as mere business partners, but as project partners whom we support to achieve their goals and grow their business. We strive for the satisfaction of our customers and build a relationship of trust to work with each of them in the long term.

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